Sustainability Plan Basics

Walk-off mats and chair mats

80% of dirt is walked off within the first 12 feet of carpet or matting.

•    Be sure that mats are constructed of material that will trap soil and moisture.

•    Clean the mats often. If allowed to soil to the point of saturation, they will become a source of dirt for the carpet instead of protection.

•    The carpet mat should be large enough to ensure that people entering the building will take enough steps on them to remove the soil from their shoes. This normally will require three to five steps.

Chair Mats

We highly recommend chair mats. The wheels of the chair will grind soils into the carpet, scratch the fibers and leave a round, worn area that is permanently discolored.


More than any other maintenance procedure, regular thorough vacuuming keeps your carpet looking good and performing well. Sandy, gritty soil can become trapped between the yarns, and as foot traffic compresses and moves the fibers, the sharp edges of the soil will scratch and cut the fibers. This results in premature wear and visible damage that looks like soil but can never be cleaned away. It's like using a piece of sandpaper on a mirror; no matter how clean it is, it will never reflect light the same.

Daily vacuuming is the ultimate maintenance procedure, but this is not always possible for the entire facility. Daily vacuuming needs to be done in high traffic areas and entryways leading from outside the facility. Areas that are used less frequently and are not exposed to outside soils can be vacuumed on a lighter schedule.

The type of vacuum you choose is also an important decision. We recommend vacuums with HEPA high efficiency collection bags or systems and a semi-aggressive rotating beater bar or brush, depending upon your carpet type.

We will be glad to put our experience to work in helping you select the proper vacuuming equipment for your facility, and help you design a vacuuming program that will suit the needs of your carpet and your budget.

Spot Removal

Nothing degrades the appearance of a carpet faster than spots that are left untreated. In many facilities, the spots are simply left to accumulate until it is time for regular cleaning. Spots that are not treated promptly can often become permanent stains. Most spot removers available to consumers at retail stores are harmful to your carpet and sometimes to your health. We can advise you or supply you with spotting agents that are effective and won't harm your carpet or you.